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Hummr is built for everyone. You can get help in your projects and tasks from other people with search, chat, voice and video call through app and don't have to worry about finding a payment gateway to pay the helper because you can pay with built in payment system in the app. And you can get paid too for helping other people. Set your chat and call rates in the app and wait for other people to contact you when they need your help. If you face any issues using our app, feel free to contact us and our team of experts will help in any possible way.
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Main Features

Chat, voice call or video call with anyone and pay them according to their set payments.
Payment is built right in with wallet. When you start chat with someone, balance is deducted automatically from your wallet for each message you send and is credited to responder's account. And if you respond to someone's chat message, you pay nothing. The amount to be paid for each message is shown on top of chat window for that user.
Similarly, voice and video call charges are deducted per minute automatically from caller's account and are transferred to receiver's account.
You can add money to your wallet from your bank account and vice-versa.

User Friendly

We work really hard to make sure you have the best experience using our app and you can easily get what you want.

Chat, Voice and Video Call

With all types of communication channels available within the app, we wanna make sure you don't have to leave the app for interacting with anyone.

Built-in Payment

Pay your clients or get paid through easy-to-use wallet in the app. When you message someone, charges are deducted from your wallet automatically. When you are on a call, balance gets deducted per minute from caller's wallet and is transferred to the receiver's account.

24X7 Support

We offer 24x7 support for our app users so that they never have to stop. Our team of experts will help you in any possible way.
Contact us if you have any questions regarding our app or facing any difficulty using it.


Our Team

Akhilendra Singh

Co-founder & CEO

Beljith Chakkarath

Co-founder & Director

Purnendra Singh

Human Resources

Joanne Collins

Account Manager

Dipanjan Jana

Android Developer

Ashwini Singh

Public Relations Manager

Bhargavi Singh

Marketing Manager

Kesha Khambholja

Back-end Developer